In the element of things!

28 04 2012

I am in my element today.  Seeing many different perspectives of self; making strong justifiable sensical decisions on which shoe to wear today and which size to reveal on this unpredictable day.  I am reviewing the various options today.  Trying them on one by one, literally taking on the proverbial saying, “if the shoe fits”.  Discarding and throwing away the ill fitting; back breaking; ankle twisting; crooked walking, uneven not clear sense of fashion they represent. 

I am in the auction mode today, purposely using elaborate precision throwing non conforming shoes to the lowest bidder.  Packing them squashed in a cardboard box; jumping on top up and down, up and down, making sure no space is wasted, no room not even for marginal error; taking the air out of them.  Wouldn’t want the high maintenance of dealing with mistakenly left shoes or those that merely slipped my vision while I was distracted for the moment.  Don’t want to deal with corns and bunions of guilt due to lack of indecision when it is clear as day is to night that suffering in the name of fashion is neither sustainable nor does it exhibit an ounce of maturity.

I am feeling charitable today.  Everything is priced £0 to go!  This is a new day and it won’t be wasted with my mind battling with other conflicting parts of self.  Turmoil takes a back seat and discernment takes the steering wheel.  Good ole common sense dominates this closet.  Grace in walking the straight and narrow; moving through the day like a super model floating through fluffy clouds, dressed to the T, all eyes on my feet; all respectful arrows pointed at me.   Self doubt that fool, self criminalisation; self denial along with envy; jealousy; and ill-appointed desire crunch under foot in my brand new shoes.  In my new shoes, I am in my element in the joy of today.  I make my mark, my mark is made!




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