Power over!

17 03 2013
Shift change of gear, yoh, my breath has nearly been taken away, all the work I have invested in the renewal of my mind nearly came crashing down. Pick myself up, dust the unwarrented shame off, but Lord knows, deserve this, I do not . Evaluate, reminder, I am more than a conqueror, a woman of valor, wonderfully made, gracefully put together so I put on the brakes, self introspection. I still bleed the same, I pinch my self and feel the same pain, but yoh, you have tried to take me back a thousand steps. Open the Word, remind myself, who I am, and who I wish you would be, I breath and I remove those shackles. I am who He has made me to be this has not changed, I can no longer live to please you but yoh, almost lost it. I shift down the gears, back to beyond neutral, put it back on cruise control, back to normal. My God is in control. I will never allow you to instill your insecurities in me, even if you are a person who is supposed to be in authority. I take complete control of my life and only say, yes, to the One who is who He is. I look to Him and He is higher than the hills. He is the one whom no one can be. Breath, it is well is, it is not about you anymore, it is about my relationship with God and I was only loaned to you and that is still a given. I forgive you!