Sunday, 25 December 2016

25 12 2016

I keep hearing the same word spoken over me consistently, “God answers prayers…”, the caveat, “…in His own time.” What does faith look like is my question yet again today? Does faith speak the Word of God over real life situations that have threatened to overtake others yet my own situation does not emulate those promises? Does faith include the Esther, the Daniels, the partials, the 6 to 6’s? Does the definition of faith include looking up to the Strong Tower, calling that which is not as if it were, calling for the Standard of God’s Spirit in the midst of flash floods, entering each day with hope, interceding for those even in your own time of grief and desolation, contacting those you have offended and seeking their forgiveness, circling darkness with prayer and supplication, working every day to renew a mindset that threatens to throw in the towel, and does faith exclude the pleading and cries that drop you to your knees or throw you down prostrate, which in my mind are a déjà vu of Gethsemane, and threaten the breath you gratefully thank God for on a daily basis as part of your entourage of thank yous during seriously desperate and Job-similar times?  Does my asking if God exists, how do I know, asking what will my life be like if He didn’t exist, what would my life be if He answered the song I have been singing over and over in 2015 as a carryover from 2014, asking for proof of His existence and love for me, asking why me and not him or her, does asking conclude that my faith is depleted?  Does the occasional wonder of the point of it all mean satan is overtaking me? I say an emphatic NO. I have had to ask these questions to strengthen my raison d’être. It has taken courage on my part to ask. I have apologized to the Holy Spirit for these questions but honestly speaking to not ask and constantly try to stifle my inquisitive mind would be to deny the Covenant Keeping God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as my Father. Christmas is here and for the first  time in my very material centered life, I am not just going through the motions of this day being about Jesus Christ because I have experiential comfort and joy to prove in my life it is about Jesus Christ, Merry Christmas one and all and to all a good night.




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