#Journey Management

26 12 2016

Some people don’t understand that you have to journal where you came from to document lessons learned and leverage on them to get where you need and have to go, your desired state. Even an effective monitoring and evaluation framework and contextual analysis of a strategy will do the same. So my question to you is, when does a journey begin? Think about it, in the context of your own life when has a particular journey you have embarked on began? Could clarifying the answer to this question be the line between a successful journey and an unsuccessful one? Could clarifying this answer shorten or lessen the time taken or wasted in journeying through a painstakingly difficult journey? Could clarifying this answer enable the preparation, tools needed, and learning checkpoints as well as review and re-evaluation mechanisms?  But seriously who does this in real life? The reason I am even contemplating such a question as, when does a journey begin is because I have been considering the various seasons I have journeyed through , the experiences I encountered during those seasons, and my reactions and resolutions  to certain challenges that required resolutions in order for me to move forward.  My personal conclusion,  journeys  in our lives are a continuum therefore the question is not when the journey begins but when you recognize you are actually on a particular journey. This is also dependent on how in tune you are with the effects of what is happening with your life and when you are an active participant in your life plan.  Oh you say but that is not rocket science that is common sense.  Well truth be told many people are not active participants in their life plans.  For example one who is active in their life plan has full accountability of where they are coming from, where they are going and how they plan on getting there.  Reverse back to the top and note that, that same person then has mechanisms in place to deliberately monitor and evaluate their full journey. That same person even re-organizes priorities constantly as per their personal context and environment and that same person is not afraid to re-strategise as and when  it is critical to do so.  When you figure out when the journey you are on started you will be better equipped to have control  of how and when other journeys begin as well as how long you need to be on certain journeys particularly the less desirable ones, Heck you won’t even undertake those journeys that do not add value to your life.12800122_10154575397952388_5351052935307963561_n




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