The in between time

6 01 2017

If you are a black girl with natural hair or any woman really who has had that on point hair cut and you r hair starts to grow out, you know that “in between time” when every day becomes a bad hair day and you either have to make a choice to cut it again RIGHT AWAY or tolerate it and bag it while you wish you had never cut it in the process envying those with longer hair knowing good and darn well it will take months for yours to reach that length if it ever does.  That “in between time” is a time of indecision because you vacillate between having that sharp cut again or maybe in a different angle, but you consider the fact that you are going back to square one. You think about bagging it with a weave but as a natural you were the main critic on the super Natural campaign so that is a humble eating option.  You are so confused but totally without conviction that everyone especially the people on the train to work thinks your hair is a downright mess!  Whereas this hair cut just two weeks ago was literally a “Get up and go” option, now it takes you almost an hour to make it look somewhat civilized that you end up overdoing the mascara and lipstick as compensation for the drastically distorted mess on the top of your head.   If you can relate to this phase of development in the process of hair growth then you can relate to that “in between time” in a journey.   I am in an “in between time” in my career.  I have worked all my working life. I have had consecutive work opportunities that appeared just like the next stepping stone when one is climbing up. Many people saw my career life as always going from strength to strength. Well, the shift in my career journey shifted drastically in February of 2016. I remember when the gears changed I did not recognize the shift until the months started swiftly passing magnifying the reality that the status quo was no longer the norm in my life but that the situation had shifted to situation normal all fouled up, in the words of the US Army but the “f” having another word. J  During those final months of 2016 all the quotes from great Coaches, Mentors and extraordinary Leaders that have crossed my path came back flooding to me not any different than the way someone’s life experiences come flooding to them in the last minutes of their life.   In the words of Oprah Winfrey, “some people have had so many hints that their lives need to change. The usual is no longer usual they need to move on.  Many obstacles come their way but they ignore these and continue to hold on. They  do not know that their life path needs to take a different road until God literally boots them out with a huge push to their lower back and seals the door shut.”  (Not exactly in those words but in that gist.)  I am in the work for someone else vs. work for self “in between time”, and I cannot help thinking every time I click send on an application that this is not a comfortable feeling.  The result is the same as a bad hair day EVERY DAY!12809743_10154564111272388_4992453815572156517_n